This are a 2 channel ampflier that covers all tones from a open clear clean with incredible dynamics able to work awesome with pedalboards, to a powerful crunch and massive distortion  with rich harmonics and body with a knockout punch.
The PO50 is loaded with 5 12AX7 and 2 EL34 and delivery 45W in the high mode and 20W in the low mod (variac mode, really brown sound).

  • Normal Ch: From a pure and sparkly clean to a very punchy British crunch, thanks to the Classic/Modern and Bright switches.
  • Overdrive Ch: The holy grail of tube overdrive: harmonically rich with impressive presence, punch and dynamics at every gain level;
  • Feedback knob: It can drastically change the voice of the power amp, for a big difference in tone and dynamics. From UK to USA in one knob!
  • Technology: All Tube signal path;
  • Channels: Normal, Overdrive;
  • Wattage: Hi mode 40W RMS; Low mode 20W RMS (internal variac)
  • Controls: Normal, Overdrive, Treble, Mid, Bass, Normal Level, Overdrive Level, Presence, Depth, Feedback;
  • Dimension: (LxDxH): 47 x 25,5 x 25.5 cm;
  • Weights: 12 kg;
    Can fit in 3U rack space with adaptors.



Prodotto da: LAA CUSTOM
Design by: Michele Venisti
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